hunt1 [hʌnt] v
[: Old English; Origin: huntian]
1.) [I and T]
to chase animals and birds in order to kill or catch them
the slopes where I hunted deer as a kid
Wolves tend to hunt in packs (=hunt in groups) .
to look for someone or something very carefully
= ↑search hunt for
The kids were hunting for shells on the beach.
Detectives are busy hunting for clues.
3.) [I and T]
to search for and try to catch a criminal or someone who is your enemy
The police are still hunting the killer.
hunt for
The FBI were called in to hunt for the spy.
4.) [I and T] [i]BrE
to hunt ↑foxes as a sport, riding on horses and using dogs
hunt down [hunt sb/sth<=>down] phr v
to search for a person or animal until you catch them, especially in order to punish or kill them
The government agency was created to hunt down war criminals.
hunt out [hunt sb/sth<=>out] phr v
1.) to search for someone or something in order to catch, kill, or destroy them
The plane was on a mission to hunt out enemy submarines.
2.) to search for and find something that you need or want, but which is difficult to find
In the school library he hunted out books on politics.
hunt 2
hunt2 n
1.) an occasion when people chase animals in order to kill or catch them
lion/rhino/stag etc hunt
2.) [usually singular]
a search for someone or something that is difficult to find
hunt for
the hunt for the missing child
the hunt is on
(=used to say that people have started looking for someone or something)
murder hunt
(=a search for a person who has killed someone)
have a hunt around for sth
BrE informal (=look for something)
I'll have a hunt around for it in my desk.
3.) a sporting event in Britain in which people ride on horses and hunt ↑foxes using dogs
4.) in Britain, a group of people who regularly hunt ↑foxes together

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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